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Summertime... Buyers are still looking

As the temperatures and humidity rise, home sales will continue as long as buyers see value.  There are a few things that a seller should do to position their house when on the market. 
One... Make sure the exterior property shows well including lawn care, flower beds, toys and other items. If you have a pool, do your best to make sure it's clean and well kept.  First impressions on the exterior are just as important as the interior. 
Two... Air conditioning and keeping the home at a reasonable level is important.  If you don't have A/C and use a fan, make sure it's in a place that cools the room and yet is as close to "invisible" as you can.  Shades can be kept down during the day or non-showing hours for coolness but should be lifted to let the natural light in during showings. 
Three... Patio and barbecue areas need to be cleaned at all times. We all know that animals and insects love the summer.  Make sure these respective areas show well. 
Lastly, everyone should be courteous of all time frames and appointments. There is nothing worse than having prospects waiting in a hot car or looking around the exterior for an extended time on 90+ degree days. 
Buyers are anxious to get settled before the summer ends.  School is always a driving force for many.  Apartment and condominium and cooperative buyers get to see the views for a longer period. 
And of course, interest rates remain at an attractively low.  

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