Orna Jackson, Sales Associate at our Tenafly regional office volunteers for 5th Annual Young Leadership Gala hosted by Larger Than Life USA.

Larger Than Life was founded in 2000 in Israel, by parents of children with cancer. The charity provides emotional and financial support that helps families cope with the enormous task of treating cancer. This includes spirit -raising trips in Israel and Disney, healing retreats, State-of-the-art preschool, medications, tuition free summer camps, and the enhancement of hospital play rooms.

On June 22, 2017, Larger Than Life USA hosted its 5th Annual Young Leadership Gala at The Prince George Ballroom located at 15 E 27th Street in New York City. 

“STRENGTH, FAITH and VICTORY are not just titles of lovely ideals in my world, they are the cornerstone of my existence. When the doctors told me that I had cancer - I didn't cry. I kept my faith strong when I knew I might die, and I felt victory when I didn't, I lived". These words came from Miri Torres, the cancer survivor guest speaker of the 5th annual Young Leadership Gala hosted by Larger Than Life USA.  

Miri, now a beautiful woman of thirty, was fifteen years old when she was diagnosed with cancer, and received much-needed help and support from Larger Than Life. She joined the special Summer Camps, Dream Trip to Disney World, emotional support and a chance to laugh and experience activities as any other teenager her age.

Over 400 guests, young professionals, and sponsors attended the White Event at the Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan. The gala, organized by a devoted and talented team of volunteers worked day and night to make it a successful event. One volunteer being our very own, Orna Jackson, a Sales Associate at our Prominent Properties Sotheby's International Realty Tenafly regional office. Jackson is a valued seven-year volunteer from the New Jersey chapter of Larger Than Life and has shown generous support toward the Young Leadership’s mission. 

The event started with a cocktail gathering, followed by a short video showing the activities of Larger Than Life.  The Co-Chairs spoke about the organization and their goal to raise $100,000 dollars to fund the special summer camp for 100 teenagers afflicted with cancer. The guests danced 'til midnight entertained by the music of the live cover - Gypsy Kings, and the talented DJ Matt Ebrani.

(Left): Orna Jackson, Volunteer with Larger Than Life New Jersey chapter and Sales Associate with Prominent Properties Sotheby's International Realty at the 5th Annual Young Leadership Gala in New York City and two other event attendees.


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