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Austin Crist

Sales Associate at Tenafly

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If you had to ask friends and family of Austin Crist to describe him in a few words they would say: ambitious, funny, and extremely hard-working…

Since his childhood, Austin’s always loved to work. As an only child he grew up very loved, and learned to become independent early on. This has allowed him to seriously pursue his passion of real estate from a very early age.

Austin first fell in love with real estate after searching with his family for their beach house down at the Jersey shore. He loved the challenge and excitement that came with finding the perfect home that met each and every need for his family.

Currently, Austin studies Business Administration, Management, and Marketing in college and is learning from some of the Top Producers at Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty. Austin’s built many relationships with people in the community.

Austin states, “I have always had a hand in business, while starting at a young age to help manage/service in the family business, I learned customer service and marketing skills. I had also started a property managing service when I was thirteen to make a little money…. Walking to the homes pushing my equipment, and I’m happy to say years later, I have the same customers to this day.” With a strong network beside him, Austin feels excited about and never hesitant in introducing himself to others and extending his network locally and beyond.

With New Jersey being the third wealthiest State in the U.S. Austin feels that being able to buy a home here offers a sense of accomplishment for a home-owner. He intends to keep and build a long-term relationship with his clients and help them achieve satisfaction that is home-ownership.

Austin also recognizes the strength of the globally marketed and connected network of the Sotheby’s International Realty® brand and utilizes this in his every day business.