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Jeremy S. Zimman

Sales Associate at Saddle River

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I am a full service real estate professional representing both home buyers and sellers. I have built my real estate practice on open communication, mutual trust, and zealous pursuit of my Clients’ objectives and interests. My aim is to deliver an exceptional client experience which exceeds expectations.

I bring a global perspective for my clients. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and having conducted business in China and across Asia for over 20 years, I leverage strong cultural awareness with the negotiation, communication and analytical skills honed during my corporate career. I have resided in northern New Jersey for the past 15 years and have a deep appreciation for the beauty and benefits our state has to offer. I have been referred to my many as an “ambassador” from the area to reach a global clientele. The market exposure I provide for my home seller clients includes a large prospective overseas buyer pool, leveraging Sotheby’s global brand and prestige along with the strongest marketing platforms in the industry. For both local and overseas Buyers, I combine keen market insight with a tenacious work ethic to help my clients find the ideal home. Please contact me for a confidential consultation.

您好! 我的中文名叫石杰明。我是一名全方位专业房地产经纪人, 主要业务覆盖范围是美国新泽西州博根郡。我的房地产业务建立在开诚布公的沟通,互信,和孜孜不倦地为客户实现目标,谋取利益的基础上。我会坚持不懈地致力于提供超过期望的客户体验.

本人中英双语,经过在中国和整个亚洲地区累积超过20年的行销经验,对中国有深刻的文化意识,对工作有俱佳的沟通、分析、及谈判技能。我在北新泽西州居住超过15年,对当地的优美环境 ,先进教育等种种的优势有特别直接的认识。大家平常都称我为新泽西州博根郡的“大使”,为北新泽西和中美客户牵线搭桥。对于卖方而言,我提供广阔的市场覆盖和丰富的海外客源,并且使用苏富比全球品牌和声誉以及在同行业最强优势的营销平台。对本地及海外买方而言,我结合敏锐的市场洞察力与顽强的职业道德,以帮助我的客户找到理想的房子。