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Jon Eklund

Broker Associate at Montclair

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Jon Eklund has lived in Montclair since the seventies when he married and returned to college for his master’s degree at ·Montclair State University. It was easy for him to fall for this town, with its rich architecture. He has always loved houses, nurtured since his childhood by his builder grandfather, and soon after the arrival of his first child, he and his wife bought a condemned Victorian and began restoring it. That project turned into restoring other houses, which he did until the nineties when he took the real estate course and became an agent. He liked it from the start, it was a great mix of his fondness for houses and his sales instincts.

In 1995 he became a manager for the Union, NJ office of a major New Jersey real estate company. It was a busy office with lots to learn, including the perspective from the other side of the desk. In 2000 he returned to sales, and for over 20 years has been an agent based here in Montclair.

His real estate clients know he is here for them; to give them his time, his skills, his ear, and his advice so that they can make the best decision about buying or selling.

His knowledge of construction and restoration brings an extra benefit to his clients. But most of all, he loves what he does. Introducing clients to our fabulous market area and then hunting for the perfect home make this job a great match for him. And when that perfect home appears, when someone walks in the front door and says, “This is it,” he says that’s a great day for everyone.