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Joseph Encarnacion

Sales Associate at Westfield

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Joseph has lived within the tri-state area for most of his life and he believes that there’s no place else like it on Earth. His belief of being able to live in, and near some of the best, most diverse, most beautiful cities on the planet is a priceless experience that all should be able to enjoy. His appreciation to the true gems of our area along with his passion for the real estate market makes him a natural fit to the industry. Joseph has been working in the real estate arena as an investor, property manager and in sales for the last 10 years. His tremendous attention to detail, professionalism, negotiation skills and follow through is what generally sets him apart from most. Joseph has a distinct way of understanding the intricate needs and anxieties of people who wish to buy, sell or rent a property. In other words, he has experienced what its like to be a renter, a buyer and a seller. This is a major reason why he works with each client as if they were the only people on earth. This style leads to his commitment to establishing relationships for the long term. When not doing real estate like things Joseph is an avid golfer who dreams of the day when his young little girl will be old enough to go out and play a full round of golf with her father. In addition to Joseph’s real estate experience he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business along with a Master of Science degree.