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Joseph Randolph

Sales Associate at Montclair

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When it came time to raise a family, Joe and his husband picked Montclair. Together with their daughter, they have come to enjoy and love everything Montclair and the surrounding towns have to offer. Joe’s neighbors made moving in so easy by providing meals, books for their daughter, and information on Montclair. What has been extremely impressive is that Montclair is a community that continually changes while always maintaining its unique spirit.

Joe believes in change and welcomes challenges. For twenty years, Joe worked in the high-end hotel market where he got to work for everyone from wedding parties to US Presidents to Dignitaries to celebrities and the list goes on. Then Joe decided to become a stay-at-home parent and navigate the world of child classes, camps, and PTA. All this helped him to listen and understand what people wanted.

If clients are looking to buy or sell their home, Joe is just that special person who will ask the important questions, help clients reflect on the larger picture, and guide them to the best end results. Joe will not force an answer but will provide clients with information so they can make the best choice.