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Peide “Patti” Wu

Sales Associate at Saddle River

CONTACT Peide “Patti” Wu

A longtime resident of Hudson and Bergen counties, Patti is very familiar with northern NJ townships, school districts, and communities. She is also active in real estate investment herself, and for many years has engaged in residential property transactions as well as rental management. Her passion, knowledge, and local real estate experience bring tremendous value to her clients.

Prior to her real estate career, Patti worked for several large corporations as well as a successful start-up. Through these experiences, she developed a wide range of analytical, management, and customer service skills.

Patti is friendly and reliable and has a strong work ethic. She is dedicated to providing high-quality professional service.

Patti is fluent in English, as well as both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese.


Patti Wu 伍经纪(微信: pwu01nj)来美近四十年,会讲流利英语,粤语和普通话。 伍经纪拥有硕士学位和大型企业工作经验,在新泽西州北部哈德逊郡和博根郡居住超過二十年,非常熟悉这边的优秀学区及生活投资环境。 她本人也从事了多年的房地产买卖,出租,投资和管理,有丰富的经验。对旧房翻新,装修扩建方面也颇了解。伍经纪以诚信为本,愿意尽最大努力在房地产方面为客户提供优质的专业服务。

专营地区 -

新泽西州北部博根郡 (Bergen County) 优秀学区,曼哈顿对岸哈德逊河边地区(Hudson County)。